A chronicle of Cailen and Cristian - About Cailen's Sweet Shoppe


Site Function and Layout Updates

There have been some noteworthy changes to the site.  The biggest one is the site’s login method.  You may have noticed that the site no longer prompts for a login.  Before, the whole site...


Cailen’s Sticker Jungle

Little miss Cailen made this little creation today by filling in the shapes with stickers.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t completely fit in our scanner, so the sides are a bit cut-off. Looks like she did...


New Family Category

We have added a Family category for Family events and activities that are not specific to Cailen.  This category will house the contents of the Family Gallery (family.cailenlileigh.com) which will now be discontinued.  I...


Happy Birthday Mommy!!

Today is Mommy’s birthday.  Daddy got some flowers and Cailen gave them to mommy.  Cailen also made a card for mommy.  We are super excited to celebrate with mommy on her special day!  We...


Welcome to Cailen’s Sweet Shoppe 2.0 Beta

Hiya.  Welcome to the Release Candidate for Calien’s new site!  I have been testing this version of the site for some time and believe its ready for at least an official test run.  I...


Happy Grams

These “Happy Grams” are from her school  and are issued when she says or does something worthy of special mention.