About Cailen’s Sweet Shoppe

Cailen’s Sweet Shoppe is a media blog that chronicles the happenings, events and exploits of the Jones family.  Since we mostly avoid social media, this site is our equivalent.  The site is named for the theme of our daughter’s first birthday party – a Sweet Shoppe.  While the site contains content for all of the Jones family, it started out as Cailen’s and so for now it retains her name.

Here, we post photos, videos and accounts of our activities, events, milestones and the such.

Cailen’s Sweet Shoppe is part of the Kingdom of Kalisto Network that is owned and operated by the Jones family.  As with all of the other venues in this network, cailensweetshoppe.com is hosted on and is delivered from a server in our home.  And while it may not have all the hoopla that other sites do, we have complete control of every aspect of it – especially the content.  We don’t look too kindly upon uploading photos and videos of our family to some third party.

You need a login to see most of the content – basically any photo or video with people in them.  Otherwise, all you will see are works of art, accolades, and articles that do not contain images of our family.  There is no registration system.  If you want access, contact one of us to have one setup for you.  If you do have a login already, be sure to login to see all content (at the top of the site).