Welcome to Cailen’s Sweet Shoppe 2.0 Beta

Hiya.  Welcome to the Release Candidate for Calien’s new site!  I have been testing this version of the site for some time and believe its ready for at least an official test run.  I am still adding content (have to re-add all the photos and such), so you may notice some stuff is missing.  The other site is not going away just yet – I will keep it around just in case something doesn’t sit well with this one.


For the technical details:  The previous version of Calien’s Sweet Shoppe was based on Zenphoto.  While I loved the ease of adding content, it did not scale well with the sheer amount of it I was adding.  Plus, anything other than images were problematic to add.  This version is based on WordPress.  Adding content is not as easy as dumping a folder in the server’s directory and refreshing, but its repertoire of features is greatly increased.  I will be adding more video content as well as music playlists.


Instead of individual galleries, I will be ading “Posts” (blog-style) with relevant images, video, music in the posts.  Stay tuned!

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