Site Function and Layout Updates

There have been some noteworthy changes to the site.  The biggest one is the site’s login method.  You may have noticed that the site no longer prompts for a login.  Before, the whole site was private – and any attempt to access was intercepted by the login screen.  The site is now public, with any content with images of our family set to private (except maybe a thumbnail or two).  This way, the site loads and some content is displayed, but any content containing images or video of our family and friends is hidden until you login.  The primary reason for this is to allow us to make certain content available without providing access to the entire site.

Be SURE to make note of this – YOU HAVE TO LOGIN YOURSELF if you want to see all the site’s content.  The site will no longer prompt you to login.  Login button is in the top menu:

Another change is the login page itself.  Its now a bit more aesthetic than a white page with the site logo.

Other changes are mostly back-end performance enhancements.  Another fairly large change coming soon is a switch to SSL (HTTPS).  This is a large undertaking and will hopefully be completed soon.

I am still tweaking these changes, so don’t be surprised if things move around a bit.  Please report any issues if you encounter any.  Enjoy.

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